Joshua Sitron - Biblical Digital - LP

by Joshua Sitron

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If Moby's "Play" were entitled "Cry". Tribal chants of Blackfoot warriors, Hasidic Jews, and Tuvan monks are remixed over lush, electronica; at times delicate, at times thunderous. This is the soundtrack to my spiritual awakening.

"From epic, dramatic, thunderous and sweeping like a film score to intimate, visceral, well-directed plaintive lines, this electronic album encompasses a full spectrum of light and dark, of mind and emotion, simply rotating around creativity and musical voice rather than any particular genre indications." -CD Baby

"Joshua Sitron's first electronic album is simply amazing. It is the only CD that I've ever bought after listening to sample tracks. I was blown away and ordered immediately. Biblical Digital is clearly a reflection of his spiritual journey, and the music definitely flows directly to the soul. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys electronic music." -Michael Bridgman

"It's kind of incredible. Really emotive and passionate." -Nicole G.

"Umm, folks, this is simply the most stunning, powerful CD I have heard, EVER. Really, I don't even know what to say. This is so good, I have been rendered totally speechless..." -Billy O.

"... I was blown away!! -Pelle B., Sweden

What do sioux pow wows, hasidic niggunim, tuvan overtone singing have in common? They all cry for life. They all cry spirit. In Biblical Digital, they are stripped of their cultural and religious specificity, and presented over dark, minimalistic arrangents; at times fiery, at times ambient and hypnotic. Very filmic and visually evocative - a number of independent filmakers have already used "Biblical Digital" music in their soundtracks.

Known mostly for his work in children's music for television (Nickelodeon's "Dora the Explorer", the Disneychannels "PB+J Otter", the Girls Scouts of America "Sisters Hand in Hand", and his own "FunkeyMonkeys!", Joshua Sitron expresses his as yet untapped dark and serious side with the release of "Biblical Digital".

"Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of what I call my awakening. It's when cracks in my mask of depression began to appear. And the still and silent voice in my gut spoke up and said: I'm here. It's time, you might want to look into Yoga. What followed can only be described as the permanent opening of a door of perception which was marked by constant change of relationships, career paths, endings, beginnings, miracles of sychronicity and profound experience -highlighted by shamanic journeys to Egypt and Peru (two of the earth's chakras). Biblical Digital is a very real and personal expression of this journey. My inner journey of remembrance, purification, and intiation: 1994-2001.

But this path can be also be seen on a macrocosmic level, in the shake-ups, and unfolding, of what I sincerely believe is the spiritualization of mankind. We are deep into the process. I hope that those out there who can identify will be touched and moved in someway by this music. I give it freely, and acknowledge the divinity in all of you."


released December 21, 2012

All tracks composed, performed, and mixed by Joshua Sitron except:

Tracks 5,6 co-produced by cc brown
Tracks 7,13 co-produced by Patrick Krouchian
Track 10 co-produced by Rob Filomena

Vocal on track 6 - Kenneth Dale
Trombone on tracks 2,13 - Clark Gayton
Violin on track 8 - Carlo Nicolau

Tracks mixed by:
4 - Luis Felipe Herra Tlatoa,
5,6 - CC Brown
7,13 - Krou
8,10,11,15 - Juan Sosa

Mastered by Kurt Upper

Cover Photo by Lisa Creagh
CD design by Steve Swingler

Special Thanks to Carlo Nicolau and everyone at Razorhead Music, Olga Toporovsky, Alan, Nina, Andy, Ron Baker, Ryan Liftchitz, Edmund Friedman,


all rights reserved



Joshua Sitron Brooklyn, New York

Epic & Eclectic
Pop Soul Cinematic Electric Looping Funky Roots Garage Vintage Neo-Classical American Afrobeat Dance & Rant Spirit Songs

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